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Reflective coated glass

product description:

Reflective coated glass, also known as sunlight control film glass, is a high-quality float glass surface by vacuum magnetron sputtering method of plating one or more layers of metal or compound film. The main function of the film is to control the proportion of solar direct radiation reflection, through and absorption, and produce the desired reflection color.

Product Features:

Effectively limit the amount of sun direct radiation, shade effect is obvious.
Colorful reflections and excellent decorative effects.
The indoor objects and building components with good line of sight shielding function.
The ideal visible light transmittance ratio and reflectance ratio.
Weaken the transmission of ultraviolet light.

Application areas:

Summer indoor ecological environment.

Thickness range:

The largest size 2540mm × 4600mm, the minimum size of 300mm × 800mm