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Laminated Glass

product description:

Laminated glass, that is, between the two pieces of glass into a layer of polyvinyl butyral as the main component of the PVB interlayer. Even if the glass is broken, the debris will stick to the film. This effectively prevents the debris from falling and penetrating the occurrence of falling events, ensuring personal safety.

Product Features:

Safety: When subjected to any external impact, even if the glass is still intact to keep the original frame.
Hurricane and earthquake: even if the glass is broken, not the whole piece of the fall, still in place;
Bulletproof Explosion-proof: the use of multi-layer can be manufactured at a variety of levels of bullet-proof, explosion-proof glass;
Anti-ultraviolet, heat: the sun's ultraviolet rays have a great barrier effect, to avoid ultraviolet radiation, and can effectively reduce the heat transmittance;
Noise reduction: PVB film on the impact of sound waves, thereby reducing noise.

Application areas:

Laminated glass is recognized, the real sense of the safety of glass and widely used in building doors and windows, curtain walls, ceiling lighting, skylights, ceiling, overhead ground, large area glass wall, furniture doors, decorative partitions.

Specifications range:

2500×6000mmMaximum size

Thickness range:


PVB Thickness:

0.38mm -3.04mm

PVB Color:

Clear, White Translucent, Gray, Blue, Green, Pink and etc. to be customized

Product Standards:

Conforming to GB1563.3-2009 the Chinese standard.
Conforming to GB 9962 the Chinese standard.
Conforming to AS/NZ2208∶1996 the Australia standard.
Conforming to BS952 the British standard.