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Insulating Glass

product description:

Insulating glass is made of two or more pieces of glass, the middle of the effective interval separated, the edge of the use of effective sealing, so that the formation of dry and confined glass processing products, according to the use of different spacing, can be divided into cold side process and Warm side of the two. Commonly used aluminum spacers because of its high thermal conductivity, known as the cold side of the process, and the use of stainless steel, composite tape and other low-conductivity materials as a spacer processing process known as the warm side of the process. The interior of the aluminum frame filled with the high-performance molecular sieve absorbance is spaced apart by a certain width of the space, and the edge is then bonded with a high-strength sealant. In order to ensure the performance of insulating glass, must be double-sealed. The first seal with butyl rubber, the customer can be installed according to the needs of the way, choose the second sealant is the use of polysulfide or silicone structural adhesive.

Product Features:

Thermal performance: good insulation effect, is the ideal energy-saving building materials;
Sound insulation: reduce noise interference, the general insulating glass can reduce the noise of about 30 dB, if filled with inert gas can further improve the sound insulation effect. Low temperature does not condensation and anti-fog effect;
Chemical properties: According to the needs of the substrate can choose a flexible combination of different products to achieve the required solar transmittance and reflectivity;
Light weight: In the same thermal insulation effect, with hollow glass instead of part of the brick or concrete wall, can reduce the building load, simplify the building structure, increase the lighting area, enhance indoor comfort.

Application areas:

Insulating glass conforms to the energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and beautiful world trend. It is widely used in building doors and windows, curtain wall, ceiling, overhead floor, furniture, window, counter, aquarium, large area glass wall and so on.

Specifications range:

Maximum Size: 2700 x 6000 mm 
Minimum Size: 180 x 350mm,300 x 300mm
Aluminum Spacer Width: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm. Other spacer widths are available according to customer demands.

Thickness range:

Monolithic glass thickness: 3mm-19mm

Product Standards:

In line with GB / T11944-2012 national standards
In line with GB11944 "hollow glass" national standards
In line with DIN1286 German standard
Obtain IGCC international certification